5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Don't we all wish we could sleep better? We'll I've got just the thing...besides wearing comfy Doz jammies, here are 5 tips that are proven to help you sleep better.


1. Stick to a schedule- I'm pretty bad at this one myself. Try waking up and going to bed at the same times every day.

2. Don't go to bed hungry or stuffed- If you need a snack, have something an hour or two before laying down.

3. Create a relaxing environment- I've talked about this before, but WHITE NOISE! I love our white noise machine or sleeping with a fan on. It's so calming and I've done it for YEARS! Make sure your mattress is comfortable and you have a good pillow also.

4. Don't drink caffeine late in the day- I've been working on this one too. If I need caffeine, I try to drink it before 10 AM.

5. Include physical activity in your daily schedule- Get outside. I try to take my kids outside and get 30+ minutes of sunshine every day. Sometimes I push them for a walk in the stroller, and sometimes we just hang out in the backyard and run around to get the wiggles out. Either way, it counts!


Which one could you improve on? Try it out and let me know if you get better sleep!

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