Changing Stages

Whether your next stage includes a baby or empty nest, a Doz dress can help you feel cute, covered, comfortable, and confident. Sleep is one of the most important parts of your day. Isn't it time you start dressing like it?
One reason I love Doz is because our house dresses are perfect for EVERY stage of life. Newly wed, empty nester, or brand new mom? It doesn't matter. Every woman needs a Doz dress! (In fact, my sister is getting married in a couple months and I'm planning to gift her a night gown!)
Women of all ages and stages of life can be found wearing Doz, but pregnant and breastfeeding mom's always find them a huge hit! The snap down buttons on the front are perfect for frequent feedings and pockets are perfect for carrying around all the essentials. I hear stories almost weekly about women packing their Doz nightgowns in their hospital bags and wearing them before/during/after labor and birth. Nothing makes me happier, honestly!
I too wore my nightgown in the hospital and I may be a little biased, but it was heavenly. So whether or not you're in a changing stage, you need a Doz dress! The best part...they come in a variety of solid colors and patterns. So everyone can find one they love!

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