Did someone say back to school?

Holy smokes! Can you believe it? Summer is nearing its end and it’s time to be thinking about back to school. We are knee deep in all things school: back to school shopping, crayons, notebooks, binders, backpacks, and shoes. As a mom, I’m so ready for the kids to go back to school, but a part of me is sad to send them back too. Our summer has been full of adventure, spontaneity, and memories. But I’m also very ready for a schedule and some structure. Ha! I think most of Utah is back to school now and I’m sure most schools around the country aren’t far behind.


While we’re on the topic of back to school…I think mom’s should be allowed to do some back to shopping too. After all, we are the ones running around like chickens sometimes, running to and from school, dance lessons, soccer practice, and violin lessons. Mom’s should get something cute and new too.  But after all, that is part of the reason I created the Doz dress. (I’m going to put in a shameless plug.)

The Doz housedress was created for exactly this! It’s something easy to throw on, it’s comfortable, covers you in all the right places, and is cute enough to look like more than your average night gown. It’s perfect for any season and if you’re from a colder climate like me…it looks darling with a jean jacket thrown over the top on those cool fall mornings. So here’s your reminder…it’s okay to spend money on yourself this school year.

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