Did you see the news?!

Did you see the news? We leaked some GOOD info today on social media, and you're going to get even more of an inside scoop right now!


We have a new print coming to the shop soon. The black and white daisy Doz dress is headed to the shop NEXT week! We're planning a launch date for Wednesday, August 2nd. The rest...you know the drill! Snoozeletter subscribers get early access to shop an hour before everyone else on launch day. With this print, we have a very limited amount, so if you want to get your hands on one, be sure to sign up for our Snoozeletter, AND set your alarm. We anticipate these to sell out quickly!


So tell your friends, neighbors, husbands, EVERYONE that our new dresses will be here soon. We have several other launches planned for the coming weeks and months. So keep those eyes peeled!

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