Halloween Costumes

Did you catch all our Halloween posts last week? Halloween is coming up and we're obsessed! Did you know that your Doz nightgowns can be styled into Halloween costumes? If you don't believe me, check out our IG and Tiktok feeds.


Some of our favorite Halloween costume inspos:

Style our new Ribbed Honey Doz dress into a Winnie the Pooh costume. Put a cropped red t shirt over the top, and grab a pair of Pooh ears off Amazon.


Our classic black Doz dress, in either short sleeve or long sleeve length, makes a perfect witch costume. We styled ours with a black witches hat, a black cloak with gold and silver stars on it, black boots, and a broomstick. 


Our Ribbed Red dress from our Christmas collection last year was styled into a devil costume. Grab your pitchfork, devil horns, a red belt, and a tube of red lipstick and you're set!


Lastly...Our Leopard print Doz dress or Haus Coat is a perfect cat costume. Add a pair of cat ears and a tail, and paint on a black nose and cat whiskers. 


Happy Halloween-ing!

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