Launch Day!

I hope you've had your reminders set! Today is launch day for our 2023 Christmas collection! Even though our collection this year is smaller than it has been in years past...I'm still just as excited. 


Our two new prints are similar but just in different colorways. I hope that by launch day they have a name. Haha, because as I'm writing this we haven't named them yet. The colors are gorgeous Juniper Green and a deep Cranberry Red. Such fun staples and the prints aren't overly Christmas-y if that makes sense. They are ones you can wear all winter and even year round. These two dresses come both in the Doz dress and Haus Coat styles. We wanted to give you ladies options!


Our mini restock is of our ribbed Olive Haus Coat. This baby flew off the shelves last year and we were able to snag a small restock from our warehouse. I anticipate that they will go fast again this year. 


So tell me...which dresses did you grab this morning? I can't wait for you to get them!

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