Launch Week!

As you may have seen...this week is launch week! Our Spring 2.0 launch was live earlier this week and hopefully you've seen (and maybe even snagged) a few of the new prints! Leopard has been a popular print for the last 3 or 4 years and we've brought one back again this year, but in a new colorway. We've also restocked our classic black Doz dress. 


We've also had many requests to restock the Haus coat! With that being said...she also made a come back with this launch. We added her in classic black and in the leopard print. They are sure to be a crowd favorite!


Wondering what the difference between the Doz dress and Haus Coats are? Here you go:


Doz dress:

*4 functioning snaps on the front of the dress.

*more of a tapered fit

*perfect for nursing mamas. Also work great for pregnancy and postpartum.

*classic nightgown style



Haus Coat:

*functioning snaps all the way down the front

*cozy and more of a straight fit

*also perfect for nursing mamas, works great as a hospital gown, and for postpartum. 

*I've also heard from friends that the Haus Coats work well for post surgery. Especially mommy make over surgeries where you need quick and easy access to incisions, drain sites, etc.



So there you have it. Which style is your favorite? And which on are you grabbing with this launch?

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