New Launch!

Welp...we're a little behind on here. So sorry! I feel like the last few week have literally FLOWN by. Here's a recap in case you missed it.....!


Last week we launched our first ever long sleeve Doz dress! She's a beaut! It's our solid black dress, with silver snaps, but in a long sleeve. She's perfect for the fall and upcoming winter seasons. We decided black, well because she's our staple. She goes with any season, can easily be paired with slippers, boots, a cardigan or sweater and can even coordinate with matching family pajamas. (Yes the holidays are coming!)


So...if you haven't seen her yet. You need to check her out! We've also updated our website domain. (Technical issues this week) So if you can't find's because we have a new website name. I'll link that here:


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