Online Warehouse SALE! CLEAR THE RACKS!

Have you been following us this week? We're having a HUUUUUUGE online warehouse sale that starts tomorrow morning. Heard about it? If's your deets.


Friday morning, 10 AM MST,

EVERYTHING will be on sale! We're talking LOW prices friends. Some items are as much as 70% off.


Want more you go!

$30 Doz dresses: Grey leopard, Blue Leopard, Ribbed Red, Ribbed Coral, Blue Floral, Blue Floral, Olive, Red Plaid, and Solid Red.


Our holiday collection will be $25: Navy Plaid and Holiday Plaid.

Other $25 dresses: Black Ribbed, Ribbed Coco, Black and White, Solid Black.


Short sets will be $30!!


Haus coats are $15: Red Plaid, Tie Dye, Blush.


Mini Dresses will be $20: Navy Plaid, Coral, Blue and White Floral, Blue Leopard, Grey Leopard, Pale Blue, Olive, Ribbed Red, Tan Leopard, Coco, Rust Leopard.


Mini Holiday Dresses are $15: Solid Red, Buffalo Check.



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Ready to stock up?! Have your fast fingers ready. Several items/sizes only have 1 or 2 left!



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