Ready for Routine!

Ready for routine....Were you trying to read my mind, because if so....You've done it! We are SOOOOOO ready for routine at our house. Don't get me wrong, summer has been so much fun, but this week we are all about getting back into our routine! School starts for my kiddos in a couple weeks and we need some structure at our house. Don't tell me I'm alone in this! 


Some things we're working on this week:

1. Getting up at a decent hour. All our summer activities have us out late and kids staying up WAY past their bedtimes. That results in sleeping in every morning. This week, we're back to normal bedtime.

2. Breakfast. We've had so many "on the go" mornings, so this week I'm committing to making breakfast for my kids. We're also going to update our school breakfast idea list. I like to have a bunch of things on hand for my kids to grab before school.

3. Dinner as a family. I'll say it again. Summer has been hectic! But I love when we all eat dinner together. So we're getting back to this one this week too.


How about you? Are you ready for routines at your house? If so...tell me about your routine. I love finding easy mom hacks that make life easier!

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