Spilling the Beans

If you haven't figured it out by now...the blog is where I usually spill the beans. It's soooo hard to keep secrets over here, and while I'm not great about sharing it on our IG or Tiktok,


So what the deets? Here's a quick rundown of what we have planned for the rest of the year. Mini launches! We have a few more of them. One planned in September, one in October, and then Christmas. Yes friends, Christmas is coming in just a few months. We've been working hard on our Christmas launch and we have a bunch of new stuff that will release in November. 


As far as sales....two of our biggest sales of the year are coming up soon! We have something fun up our sleeve for Labor Day weekend, and of course Black Friday!


So there you have it! Once again, I've spilled all the beans. 

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