It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. Does life ever slow down?! We’re right in the thick of summer and sending the kids back to school will be here before we know it. Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with summer? I mean, who doesn’t love playing, vacationing, and being on the go? But the lack of schedule is really starting to catch up to me.

We’ve been traveling a lot lately and my poor kids have had to adapt to sleeping in lots of new places. One thing that had SAVED us, is their sleep routine. We do the same thing every night. Does anyone else do this with their kids? Dark room, blackout curtains (we have travel ones that suction to any window. Amazon win!), sound machine, sleep sack, family prayer, 2 songs, and into bed. No matter where we are, we do the same routine. And guess what? If we miss one thing, or do something out of order, my toddler lets us know! It’s all about consistency!

On an adult level, I basically do the same thing. I’ve got a wind down routine that helps me get ready for sleep. It helps me relax and clear my head after a long day. So it got me thinking…What are some things you do to wind down and relax, especially after a long day.

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