They always do the one thing you don't want them to!

I bought this adorable wrap dress.


I knew I shouldn't.


But I like to live on the edge. 


And I wore said wrap dress to an event with my children.  


And said children put me in my place real quick.


I'm sure you can guess why. 


It might as well be called an unwrap dress because that's exactly what happened. 


And yet, when we buy robes we say it's gonna stay closed. That tie is gonna stay tied. This is a lie we tell ourselves. 


There's nothing worse than having house guests or answering the door and having kids unwrap a robe. It's not pretty. 


One of the main reasons I love the full snap opening on the Haus Coat is because IT. STAYS. CLOSED. 


As my six year old would say, Hallelula!


Check out the other awesome benefits of the Haus Coat and see why you should totes ditch your old robe.

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