We're BACK!

We're back! I hope you all have had a FUN and HAPPY summer. Can you believe how fast the last 6 weeks have gone? Every summer, I take a few weeks to spend time with my family and kids, and honestly...it's the best summer time spent. We've had so much fun and have done all the things. Just to name a few: we've played at the park, gone to the lake, played at the splashpad, gone camping, been to family reunions, gone to rodeos, had all sorts of backyard water fun, gone for walks, been swimming, done LOTS of laundry, and I'm sure there's still more I'm missing. Every summer isn't always as busy as this one has been, but I'm feeling so excited to be back, working, and living life more on a schedule. The start of school for my littles can't come fast enough now!


Just a look forward...

We had a new product photoshoot earlier this week. So keep your eyes out for the sneak peaks of some new prints coming soon! We're hoping to launch the first week or two of August! We're talking the best prints and colors as we transition into fall. I can't wait to share them with you!


We also will be at Pinners Conference in Utah in November. If you haven't bought tickets yet, you should! Use code SHOP for $5 off your ticket. Text your girl friends, grab your mom/sisters/in laws, and come spend a fun weekend in Sandy, UT! 

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