What are people saying about Doz?

Who doesn't read reviews before buying anything these days? I've been known to read reviews for hours before making a big purchase. I mean, why buy something if it doesn't even work, if people hate it, or it won't do the job.
Here at Doz we're all about reviews. It's how our little business grows. I love honest feedback and constructive criticism about a product I've put my heart and soul into creating. It's so satisfying to hear the reasons why others love Doz as much as I do.
So...what are people saying about Doz?
"I have sleep dresses from a couple different companies but now I have a new favorite! The Doz sleep dress is longer than others I have...I don't have to constantly feel slightly exposed."
"This is the most comfortable, luxurious nightgown I've ever owned. I will never sleep in anything else."
"I've had my dress for a while now and it's held up beautifully! After many washes, it still looks brand new."
"This is so buttery soft and comfortable to wear around the house and to sleep in. I need to get another one so I can trade off while the other one is being washed. I love it!"
"I am obsessed! My Doz dress is perfection. The pockets, the softness, the functionality, it's flattering! What more can you ask for? I'm in love. Doz is at the top of my wishlist forever.
Have you tried Doz? If so, leave a review and I'll love you forever! I love to hear suggestions and ways we could improve our product!

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