Why our dresses work for postpartum

I received the sweetest message this week:

"I wanted to tell you that this is my first postpartum with your Doz gowns, and I am LOVING them! I've worn them while pregnant, and before I was pregnant, and love them. But now I love them even more! The buttons are so perfect for nursing. They are so cozy and I don't feel frumpy as I have in the past. Also, to have pockets, perfect for carrying around all the random little things. (like mittens, hats, tissues, binkies, etc.) Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for your creative work. It's made this recovery a bit easier."


Are you dying like I am?! SO sweet, right? I love hearing how much you love our nightgowns and why they make life easier.


So why are our gowns perfect for nursing/pumping mamas. Just like my friend said. The snaps down the front are fully functioning, making for easy access. They are easy to pop open and close. I love the fun detail they add also. Pockets are an absolute must! As a mom, we're constantly carrying "stuff." Whether that's your phone or binkies, mittens, hats, etc. I love the convenience of pockets and you guys do too! That was probably the #1 comment I received at Pinners Conference. People love the pockets!


Another thing I love is our 4 way stretch fabric. It stretches but doesn't stretch out. It washes super well and holds up. I have friends who still wear gowns that were purchased 3-4 years ago, have been washed a million times, and they still look brand new. One thing I've also heard from customers and friends, is that they can wear the same size of nightgown pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy. They stretch that much!

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